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As you browse through our site you'll notice that some products are listed as In Stock, and some as Out of Stock or Ships in 5-7 days. We maintain a large number of out of stock products so that even if we don't have something, you can indicate to us that you would like one by adding it to your order. We will try our very best to get it for you as quickly as possible. Take a look at the information below which further explains what each stock status means and how your order will be affected.

In Stock Items
Stock Status
Orders with ALL items that are In Stock usually ship the next business day. If an In Stock item is unavailable we will hold on to your order and contact you via email determine how you would like to proceed. We will not substitiute anything without your approval.

As inventory online can be affected by a number of factors, if you want to visit one of our store locations, please contact that store to verify a product's availability before visiting.
Ships in 5-7 days items
Stock Status
Orders that contain 1 or more Ships in 5-7 days items will be shipped complete after all items are avilable. This is typically within 5-7 days or less, although it can take a little longer under certain circumstances. If for some reason a Ships in 5-7 days item is not available, you will be notified immediately via email and we will await your instructions before shipping.

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing In Stock and Ships in 5-7 days items in the same order, your order will be held and shipped when all items are available.

If you prefer to have your In Stock items shipped immediately, and Ships in 5-7 Days items shipped separately when they arrive, please place separate orders for the items you want immediately, and the items that are not in stock.

Out of Stock Items (Special Orders)
Stock Status
If a product's status is shown as Out of Stock we do not have that product in stock. You may submit an order for an Out of Stock item and we will try and restock it for you. If you do not see the Out of Stock option available for an item, that item cannot be restocked. If available from our suppliers, special orders usually arrive at our location within 2-3 weeks. We will not charge your credit card until the item has actually been shipped to you. If we are unable to get a product you've ordered we will notify you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing In Stock and Out of Stock items in the same order, your order will be held until all items are available.

If you prefer to have your In Stock items shipped immediately, and Out of Stock items shipped seperately when they arrive, please place seperate orders for the items you want immediately, and the items that are not in stock.
payment customer service | ordering

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When shopping at, you have the option of paying with your Visa, Mastercard, or with a credit balance you have on your account. Running Free Gift Cards are accepted as a method of payment online. You will find instructions during checkout to provide us with the Gift Card details for payment.

When using a Credit Card you will be required to enter your:
  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVD 3 Digit Security Code (found on the back of the card)
  • Cardholder name
  • Billing address (the address shown on your credit card statement)

  • If the CVD 3 digit security code you enter doesn't match, OR the billing address does not precisely match the card holder address, your order will not be processed. Please take care to enter the correct informtation to avoid delays or your order being cancelled.
    Accepted at
    If you choose to have your order shipped to an address other than your billing address, your order may be delayed while we perform further verification checks. Our apologies but this unfourtunate step is necessary to prevent credit card fraud.

    Credit Card Pre-Authorizations:
    When you submit your order, your credit card is not immediately charged. Instead, a Pre-Authorization is performed in the amount of your order. A pre-authorization checks the validity of the card, and the available funds. Although a Pre-Auth is not a charge, it does take up room on your available credit like a charge would. If you cancel your order, the Pre-Auth is cancelled and should disappear within a few days. This depends on how quickly your bank prcoesses the cancellation. When your order is processed for shipping, we capture the full amount of the original order, then immediately refund any items that were not in stock.

    Using a credit balance on your account:
    If you have a credit on your online account, that credit amount will automatically be applied to your next order on checkout. The remainder will be billed to your chosen method of payment. You can check your account balance anytime by logging in and going to the Account Overview area.

    Running Free Gift Card:
    You may redeem Running Free Gift Cards for your online order. Please enter the complete Gift Card number and the Access Code/Ackroo ID (as applicable) in the Order Notes field during checkout. When your order is submitted we will redeem your gift card and refund the balance paid by gift card back to your credit card. Even if the gift card balance covers the entire transaction amount, a credit card must still be entered but will be completely refunded when the order is processed. We are currently working to improve this process and hope to have a more streamlined entry method in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We do not accept payment via any other method at this time.

    Your Privacy is important to us! Find out how we protect your personal information and ensure our site is safe and secure.
    taxes customer service | ordering

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    We collect and remit all federal and provincial sales tax for all provinces. Taxes are calculated based on the province where your order is being shipped to. If you beleive your province has a tax exemption on an item, please contact us directly and reference the specific tax document where the exemption is explained in detail. We will review the information and if an exemption is valid, we will manually refund the amount. As exemptions vary considerably across the country and can change frequently, our site is not capable of handling them automatically.
    processing customer service | ordering

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    We will work very hard to get your order to you as quickly as we can. All In Stock orders are picked, processed, and shipped very quickly, often within one business day.

    If an In Stock item you ordered is unavailable, that item will be cancelled from your order and you will be notified via email as quickly as possible. If we are able to offer an alternative to you, we will let you know and hold your order until we hear back from you. If there is no alternative available we will process and ship your order on the next business day.

    If your order contains Ships in 5-7 Days or Out of Stock items, your order will be picked and held for you until all items are available, at which time your complete order will be processed and shipped on the next business day. If an item is not available, we will notify you, cancel that item, and process and ship your order on the next business day.
    What are business days?
    The term business days means any weekday that is not a Canadian or Ontario civic holiday. Weekends are also not considered business days although our customer service staff is available on weekends to provide help if you need it!
    order by phone customer service | ordering

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    We are happy to take your order over the phone if that is your preference. Phone orders can be placed by calling 416.410.3733. Please have the following information ready to help us assist you:

  • Stock ID numbers of the products you want (example: ID | 123456)
  • Sizes/Options you want
  • If you wish to apply a coupon please have the coupon code available
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • The billing address that matches the credit card you're using
  • The shipping address
  • If you want to place your order over the phone, check out our customer service hours of operation!
    emails you will receive customer service | ordering

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    Safe Senders list
    To avoid the possibility of emails concerning your order not arriving in your inbox, it's a good idea to add the following addresses to your "Safe Senders" or "Not Junk" list so that important emails are not accidentally marked as spam or blocked entirely by your email program or service.

    You will receive emails concerning your order from these addresses:

  • Remember to check your Junk/Spam folder if you're missing an email about your order!
    We know communication is a very important part of making a purchase online so below are the emails you may receive after you have placed your order.

    Order Confirmation Email
    You will receive this email shortly after you complete your order. It contains a summary of the items you ordered and their stock status, shipping method, billing/shipping addresses, and any special instructions you included.

    Tracking Emails
    You will also receive two to three tracking emails directly from Canada Post. These emails will provide you with access to all the shipping information available for your package. They are sent when your order is processed for shipping, picked up by Canada Post, and delivered to your shipping address. If there is a delay or error on Canada Post's side you may also receive notice of what happened and how your order will be affected.

    Emails directly from one of our staff
    If something you ordered is not available or we need to clarify some aspect of your order with you, you may receive an email from one of our friendly customer service staff.

    Your email address will NOT be added to any mailing list when you place an order on our website unless you tick the box during checkout indicating you wish to receive occasional emails from us.
    Important! Remember to add to your "trusted" or "safe senders" list to avoid any important emails from being lost in your junk folder or accidentally deleted as spam.

    Also see Website Terms of Use for more information