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CEP Run O2 Compression Socks

ID | 56827
Women's Green
Style: WP40
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
Extra Wide

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Graduated medi compression, air channels, achilles tendon protector, anatomic foot padding, comfortable band, extra-flat toe seam, odor-reducing silver ions, anatomical fit, microfiber technology, breathable, moisture management

85% polyamid, 15% spandex

Why Compression?
Every muscle cell needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the arteries, the better the muscles are supplied -and precisely this supply can be positively influenced by compression. But, not all types of compression are the same.

Proven to Reduce Injury
Shin Splints:Reduces vibration, increases oxygen and promotes healing.
Calf Cramps:Increases oxygen to optimize muscles, removes lactic acid.
Achilles Issues:Increases oxygen to the Achilles; padding prevents damage.
Pulled Muscles:Increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscles.
Traveling Issues:Graduated compression prevents venous reflux and pooling.

Additus System
medi compression is synonymous with innovation, technology and expertise in medicine and sport. Our competence dates back to 1951. The ADDITUS+ System combines compression and functionality. Individually for each type of sport.

But Compression Alone Does Not Result in Optimum Products for Athletes
With the ADDITUS+ system, CEP products offer the best combination of compression and specific functions for every sport type. Thus the products provide maximum impact and maximum comfort - no matter what sort of exercise. In addition, the RECOVERING+ system was developed for optimum regeneration before and after exercise. This ensures absolute comfort and the fastest possible recovery between matches and training sessions. The highest standards of quality "made in Germany", "Oko-Tex Standard 100" certification and the scientifically tested performance complete the profile of CEP products and make them uncompromisingly unique and capable of being experienced. Convince yourself of the uniqueness of the brand and its products!

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