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CW-X Insulator Pro Tights

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Women's Black/Grey Stitch
Style: 140879
Extra Wide
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The Insulator Pro Tights use Auto-Sensor nanotechnology fabric to maintain a constant comfortable surface temperature in a variety of conditions - perfect for the cold weather athlete. The patented Support Web brings the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment, reducing impact and load to the legs. The Support Web also creates a suspension system for the hamstrings and quadriceps, reducing workload in both the pull and push phase of the running motion. Combined with targeted variable compression to increase circulation and reduce fatigue, your muscles don't have to work as hard over time and your legs will feel fresher.

The ratings indicated below are in relation to the amount of support directed to specific areas. 1 = Good, 2 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent support. If no rating is shown then that area is not targeted by that model.

Knee 1 Hip 3 Calf 2 Abs/Core - Gluteus 2
Low Back 3 Quad 3 Hamstring 3 IT Band 2

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