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Holds and Transfers

Holds and transfers.

Product Holds.

An in-stock item can be held for up to 7 days. Managers may specify a shorter period. Items not picked up after that period are returned to stock. Limit of 2 items per customer. See other conditions below.


Store transfers.

The item you’re looking for may be in-stock at another running free location. Arrival times for store transfers can vary, but 1 week or less is typical. You will be notified when it arrives and it will be held for 7 days from that date. See other conditions below.


Exclusions and blackout periods.

The following rules apply to holds and transfers:

*Not all coupons are valid on holds and transfers. Please check offer for details.
*No holds during sale events or on products under a current promotion.
*Items that are on-sale cannot be transferred from store to store.
*Stores reserve the right to refuse a transfer request from another store.

*The above rules and procedures may vary at different store locations. Please see specific store for details.