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George Biondic
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Description from Book

"Marathon man survives trek to hell and back."
—John Cudmore, award-winning reporter at www.yorkregion.com

At age forty-seven George was comfortably retired yet a self-assessed failure.

This moving memoir starts in 1959 (when Russia dominated eastern Europe) with his father leading the family—wife, little Irena and George—in a daring escape out of communist Yugoslavia. To freedom in Toronto, Canada.

Years later, George as a young adult striving to build a real estate empire encounters obstacles: tragedy, haunting secrets and an unidentified mental illness. His father is industrious, caring and charming—when not gambling or getting into mischief. Family loyalty is severely strained in this six-decade saga. Can it be repaired?

George faces adversity (as his father would expect, if he knew) with intelligence, perseverance and honesty until . . . Then escapes by hiking, cycling and globe trotting in the well-chronicled classic adventures. And transforming from an average runner to an ultrarunner representing Canada at the World Championships. Both body and mind are pushed to unimaginable limits. The takeaway: from depths of despair you can rise and shine. Never give up!

Sprinkled with relatable people, quirky characters and superathletes, the intimate confession reads like a fast-paced thriller. Heart-warming, yet shocking, yet hilarious.

One question remains near the end. Can two people—of different races and religions, the woman is twelve years older—find happiness?

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