Eload Zone Caps (75 Caps)

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Salt / Electrolytes
Style: 307-ZCAP S20
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307-ZCAP S20
Extra Wide
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Description from Eload

Sweat electrolyte concentration increases proportionate to sweat rate, and the e loadâ„¢ customization system is founded on this principle.

For starters, it is important that you strictly follow the e loadâ„¢ mixing instructions found on the label. NEVER USE more e load powder AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR ZONE CAPSâ„¢ or ZONE CAPS X 5. Adding more e load than the instructions advise will result in a drink that is too sweet and that has too much flavoring, a sure recipe for nausea and vomiting when you are pushing yourself. Finally, don't let the small size of the ZONE CAPSâ„¢ or ZONE CAPSâ„¢ X 5 fool you - they pack a punch from an Electrolyte and MulitCitrate point of view.

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