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Birkenstock Gizeh

ID | 164743
Women's Black
Style: 043691 F18
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
043691 F18
Extra Wide

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Shoes - Sandals


The modern thong sandal from Birkenstock. The Gizeh is an addictive classic with signature support and a refined, minimalist style.

50941-1072MarkhamSize 35 Regular11019999
50941-1072BarrieSize 35 Regular00029999
50941-1072NewmarketSize 35 Regular00039999
50941-1072OrangevilleSize 35 Regular01069999
50941-1072Webstore VirtualSize 35 Regular1019999
50941-1059MarkhamSize 36 Regular21019999
50941-1059BarrieSize 36 Regular00029999
50941-1059NewmarketSize 36 Regular00039999
50941-1059OrangevilleSize 36 Regular01069999
50941-1059Webstore VirtualSize 36 Regular2019999
50941-1061MarkhamSize 37 Regular41019999
50941-1061BarrieSize 37 Regular00029999
50941-1061NewmarketSize 37 Regular00039999
50941-1061OrangevilleSize 37 Regular01069999
50941-1061Webstore VirtualSize 37 Regular4019999
50941-1063MarkhamSize 38 Regular41019999
50941-1063BarrieSize 38 Regular00029999
50941-1063NewmarketSize 38 Regular00039999
50941-1063OrangevilleSize 38 Regular01069999
50941-1063Webstore VirtualSize 38 Regular4019999
50941-1065MarkhamSize 39 Regular41019999
50941-1065BarrieSize 39 Regular00029999
50941-1065NewmarketSize 39 Regular00039999
50941-1065OrangevilleSize 39 Regular01069999
50941-1065Webstore VirtualSize 39 Regular4019999
50941-997MarkhamSize 40 Regular11019999
50941-997BarrieSize 40 Regular00029999
50941-997NewmarketSize 40 Regular00039999
50941-997OrangevilleSize 40 Regular01069999
50941-997Webstore VirtualSize 40 Regular1019999
50941-998MarkhamSize 41 Regular21019999
50941-998BarrieSize 41 Regular00029999
50941-998NewmarketSize 41 Regular00039999
50941-998OrangevilleSize 41 Regular01069999
50941-998Webstore VirtualSize 41 Regular2019999
50941-999MarkhamSize 42 Regular01019999
50941-999BarrieSize 42 Regular00029999
50941-999NewmarketSize 42 Regular00039999
50941-999OrangevilleSize 42 Regular01069999
50941-999Webstore VirtualSize 42 Regular0019999

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