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Brooks Fiona Bra

ID | 140736
Women's Black
Style: 350064.001 S17 A
350064.001 S17 A
Extra Wide

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Clothing - Bras - High Impact


Here to help tackle every hurdle with confidence, the updated Fiona sports bra is where absolute comfort and support come together. Streamlined straps adjust in the front to make it easy to get a custom fit on the move, while the soft-padded back closure adjusts for the best bottom band fit and support. Molded, lightweight cups with moderate stretch offer a natural shape. Look no further, this Brooks sports bra blends comfort and support in a fit that works for nearly any body type.

47361-574Markham30 D01019999
47361-574Newmarket30 D00039999
47361-574Orangeville30 D01069999
47361-574Webstore Virtual30 D0019999
47361-575Markham30 DD01019999
47361-575Newmarket30 DD00039999
47361-575Orangeville30 DD01069999
47361-575Webstore Virtual30 DD0019999
47361-13Markham32 D01019999
47361-13Newmarket32 D00039999
47361-13Orangeville32 D01069999
47361-13Webstore Virtual32 D0019999
47361-14Markham32 DD01019999
47361-14Newmarket32 DD00039999
47361-14Orangeville32 DD01069999
47361-14Webstore Virtual32 DD0019999
47361-17Markham34 C01019999
47361-17Newmarket34 C00039999
47361-17Orangeville34 C01069999
47361-17Webstore Virtual34 C0019999
47361-18Markham34 D01019999
47361-18Newmarket34 D00039999
47361-18Orangeville34 D01069999
47361-18Webstore Virtual34 D0019999
47361-19Markham34 DD01019999
47361-19Newmarket34 DD00039999
47361-19Orangeville34 DD01069999
47361-19Webstore Virtual34 DD0019999
47361-856Markham34 E01019999
47361-856Newmarket34 E00039999
47361-856Orangeville34 E01069999
47361-856Webstore Virtual34 E0019999
47361-26Markham36 D01019999
47361-26Newmarket36 D00039999
47361-26Orangeville36 D01069999
47361-26Webstore Virtual36 D0019999
47361-27Markham36 DD01019999
47361-27Newmarket36 DD00039999
47361-27Orangeville36 DD01069999
47361-27Webstore Virtual36 DD0019999
47361-36Markham38 D01019999
47361-36Newmarket38 D00039999
47361-36Orangeville38 D01069999
47361-36Webstore Virtual38 D0019999
47361-37Markham38 DD01019999
47361-37Newmarket38 DD00039999
47361-37Orangeville38 DD01069999
47361-37Webstore Virtual38 DD0019999
47361-44Markham40 D11019999
47361-44Newmarket40 D00039999
47361-44Orangeville40 D01069999
47361-44Webstore Virtual40 D1019999
47361-45Markham40 DD01019999
47361-45Newmarket40 DD00039999
47361-45Orangeville40 DD01069999
47361-45Webstore Virtual40 DD0019999

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