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EC3D CompressGo Knicker

ID | 123864
Women's Fushia
Style: CG704D-FU S16
CG704D-FU S16
Extra Wide

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Clothing - Compression - Tights


Feel stronger and have more endurance with our Compression knickers. Additional support has been added to a specific zone around the knee area without compromising the patella. Wear your compression knickers along with your favorite compression socks or sleeves for perfect muscle alignment and a pain-free and effective performance.

Colors : Fuchsia (CG704DW-FU) Silver (CG704DW-SI)
Content : 50 % Polyamide, 30 % Polyester, 20% Elastane

Colors : Black/Magenta (CG704DW-BKM) Black/Grey (BKG)
Content : 70 % Polyamide, 30 % Elastane

-15-20 mmHg

-Support and align the muscles
-Anatomical support to knee and groin areas
-Help prevent injury
-Flattering exterior design lines, drawstring

44750-695MarkhamUnisex Size 00101100
44750-695BarrieUnisex Size 00002100
44750-695NewmarketUnisex Size 00103100
44750-695OrangevilleUnisex Size 00106100
44750-695Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 0001100
44750-696MarkhamUnisex Size 10101101
44750-696BarrieUnisex Size 10002101
44750-696NewmarketUnisex Size 10103101
44750-696OrangevilleUnisex Size 10106101
44750-696Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 1001101
44750-486MarkhamUnisex Size 30101103
44750-486BarrieUnisex Size 30002103
44750-486NewmarketUnisex Size 30103103
44750-486OrangevilleUnisex Size 30106103
44750-486Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 3001103
44750-539MarkhamUnisex Size 50101105
44750-539BarrieUnisex Size 50002105
44750-539NewmarketUnisex Size 50103105
44750-539OrangevilleUnisex Size 50106105
44750-539Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 5001105
44750-537MarkhamUnisex Size 201019999
44750-537BarrieUnisex Size 200029999
44750-537NewmarketUnisex Size 201039999
44750-537OrangevilleUnisex Size 201069999
44750-537Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 20019999
44750-538MarkhamUnisex Size 411019999
44750-538BarrieUnisex Size 400029999
44750-538NewmarketUnisex Size 401039999
44750-538OrangevilleUnisex Size 401069999
44750-538Webstore VirtualUnisex Size 41019999

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