Goodr Wrap Gs

ID | 228718
Scream If You Hate Gravity
Style: G00068-WG-IB2-RF S22
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
G00068-WG-IB2-RF S22
Extra Wide
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Please note that this product is offered in Unisex sizing which is comparable to Men's sizing. Please check the Shoe Size Conversion chart to determine how Women's sizes convert to Unisex sizes.
Due to Ryders Eyewear discontinuing operations, there will no longer be any warranty on any of their products.

Description from Goodr

Blast from the past
Remember when you were young and carefree and your boobs used to stand up and say hello when you walked into a room instead of staring shyly at the floor?! Remember when you could take a walk without playing hacky sack with your own sack?! Us too!!! F*ck gravity!!!! Relive your perky past by embracing some exxxxxtreeeeeme sports and exxxtreme wrap g sunnies. Jump out of that plane with your middle fingers blazing and scream if you hate gravity!!!

Mirrored reflective lenses
For regular heads
Best for going up, never down

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