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Kneed2Run Insoles

ID | 131927
Unisex Black
Style: Kneed2Run
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
Extra Wide

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Designed To Run. Designed to upgrade the support and cushioning of neutral running shoes.

-Adaptable Arch Support: Biomechanically shaped moldable base ensures support from heel to ball of the foot
-Flexible: Naturally flexes with your foot and maintains its shape where you need the support
-Poron Performance Cushioning: The best performance cushioning for impact absorption. Designed to be the same thickness of the sock-liner you are replacing.
-Heel Cradle: Optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning without causing heel slippage

Over-the-counter insoles and orthotics have been shown to provide relief to injuries including:

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis

• Metatarsalgia

• Morton's Neuroma

45992-959MarkhamM 4/W 631019999
45992-959BarrieM 4/W 600029999
45992-959NewmarketM 4/W 600039999
45992-959OrangevilleM 4/W 611069999
45992-959Webstore VirtualM 4/W 64019999
45992-960MarkhamM 5/W 711019999
45992-960BarrieM 5/W 700029999
45992-960NewmarketM 5/W 700039999
45992-960OrangevilleM 5/W 711069999
45992-960Webstore VirtualM 5/W 72019999
45992-961MarkhamM 6/W 841019999
45992-961BarrieM 6/W 800029999
45992-961NewmarketM 6/W 800039999
45992-961OrangevilleM 6/W 811069999
45992-961Webstore VirtualM 6/W 85019999
45992-962MarkhamM 7/W 931019999
45992-962BarrieM 7/W 900029999
45992-962NewmarketM 7/W 900039999
45992-962OrangevilleM 7/W 901069999
45992-962Webstore VirtualM 7/W 93019999
45992-963MarkhamM10 /W 1251019999
45992-963BarrieM10 /W 1200029999
45992-963NewmarketM10 /W 1200039999
45992-963OrangevilleM10 /W 1221069999
45992-963Webstore VirtualM10 /W 127019999
45992-964MarkhamM11 /W 1351019999
45992-964BarrieM11 /W 1300029999
45992-964NewmarketM11 /W 1300039999
45992-964OrangevilleM11 /W 1331069999
45992-964Webstore VirtualM11 /W 138019999
45992-965MarkhamM12 /W 1441019999
45992-965BarrieM12 /W 1400029999
45992-965NewmarketM12 /W 1400039999
45992-965OrangevilleM12 /W 1421069999
45992-965Webstore VirtualM12 /W 146019999
45992-966MarkhamM13 /W 1521019999
45992-966BarrieM13 /W 1500029999
45992-966NewmarketM13 /W 1500039999
45992-966OrangevilleM13 /W 1521069999
45992-966Webstore VirtualM13 /W 154019999
45992-967MarkhamM14 /W 1611019999
45992-967BarrieM14 /W 1600029999
45992-967NewmarketM14 /W 1600039999
45992-967OrangevilleM14 /W 1611069999
45992-967Webstore VirtualM14 /W 162019999
45992-968MarkhamM8 /W 1041019999
45992-968BarrieM8 /W 1000029999
45992-968NewmarketM8 /W 1000039999
45992-968OrangevilleM8 /W 1021069999
45992-968Webstore VirtualM8 /W 106019999
45992-969MarkhamM9 /W 1141019999
45992-969BarrieM9 /W 1100029999
45992-969NewmarketM9 /W 1100039999
45992-969OrangevilleM9 /W 1131069999
45992-969Webstore VirtualM9 /W 117019999

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