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Mizuno BT Jacket

ID | 131902
Women's Green Grass
Style: 421269.5A5A CF16
421269.5A5A CF16
Extra Wide

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Wind and water resistant Impermalite blocks out the elements while Breath Thermo panels and Body Mapping design optimize the temperature inside this surprisingly light shell.

-Breath Thermo® generates heat for additional warmth
-Impermalite™ Wind/Water resistant
-Cinchable drawstring for increased weather protection
-Lock down zipper with garage
-Black lite™ color reflective front/back

45986-456MarkhamWmns XSmall0101201
45986-456BarrieWmns XSmall0102201
45986-456NewmarketWmns XSmall0103201
45986-456OrangevilleWmns XSmall0006201
45986-456Webstore VirtualWmns XSmall001201
45986-453MarkhamWmns Small0101202
45986-453BarrieWmns Small0102202
45986-453NewmarketWmns Small0103202
45986-453OrangevilleWmns Small0006202
45986-453Webstore VirtualWmns Small001202
45986-450MarkhamWmns Medium0101204
45986-450BarrieWmns Medium0102204
45986-450NewmarketWmns Medium0103204
45986-450OrangevilleWmns Medium0006204
45986-450Webstore VirtualWmns Medium001204
45986-447MarkhamWmns Large0101206
45986-447BarrieWmns Large0102206
45986-447NewmarketWmns Large0103206
45986-447OrangevilleWmns Large0006206
45986-447Webstore VirtualWmns Large001206
45986-455MarkhamWmns XLarge0101208
45986-455BarrieWmns XLarge1102208
45986-455NewmarketWmns XLarge0103208
45986-455OrangevilleWmns XLarge0006208
45986-455Webstore VirtualWmns XLarge001208

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