ReSkin Blister Prevention

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4 Re-usable Reskin
Style: 20mm-6/Tray
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
Extra Wide
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Description from ReSkin

The ReSkin Heel Bandage was initially developed for the feet, but can be used as general use protection against friction damage anywhere on the body.

As ReSkin is made of Lycra® material, it can be easily cut into shapes for different parts of the body, for example;

  • in strips for around toes, or cut in half to use as a "nipple guard" for male runners.
  • Other uses we are aware of are, for; iPod Arm Bands, Insulin Pump Belt, Clasp at the front of a Running Bra, Shoulder Strap of a Running Bra... All these things caused blisters due to rubbing against the skin while the person was running!

    The ReSkin Heel Bandage can also be used to help the body recover from having a blister, and also for protecting a blistered area from further friction damage.

    Whatever you do, your skin can be damaged by friction.

    Friction from Clothes, Shoes or Equipment can cause Irritation, Chafing or Blistering when you, for example;

  • Run, Walk, Hike
  • Play Hockey, Cross-Country Ski, Speed Skate
  • Dragon Boat Race, Play Soccer, Learn Ballet
  • Cycle, Spin
  • Wear rigid work boots or new or "fashionable" shoes.
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