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Arena Solid Swim Pro L

ID | 144909
Women's Black/White
Style: 2A595.055 S19
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
2A595.055 S19
Extra Wide

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Clothing - Swimwear


Arena's Solid Swim Pro training swimsuit for women makes a great uniform for swim teams and athletes. This sporty monochromatic one-piece features our name in white along the neckline. A classic style with a professional look and long-lasting performance, use this suit for training or frequent swimming.

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48012-552NewmarketWomens 2600039999
48012-552OrangevilleWomens 2601069999
48012-552Webstore VirtualWomens 260019999
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48012-553BarrieWomens 2800029999
48012-553NewmarketWomens 2800039999
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