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Asics GT 2000 7

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Men's Tarmac/Lemon Spark
Style: 1011A159.020 C19
1011A159.020 C19
Extra Wide
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Stability - Medium






Bring bounce to your runs with the men's GT-2000™ 7 running shoe. Specifically designed to help you go further than you ever thought possible, this ASICS shoe is equipped for big mile runs, providing guidance and comfort each step of the way. Sporting a contemporary yet understated design for easy styling and long-lasting appeal, the GT-2000™ 7 running shoe is jam-packed with advanced footwear technologies. The FLYTEFOAM® technology brings a lightweight quality for comfort and bounce, allowing the shoe to snap back to its original state after every single stride. Meanwhile, the DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technology brings together two different density midsole materials for smooth overpronation control by imparting essential firmness to the midsole and arch. So, if your feet tend to roll inwards you can rest assured that the GT-2000™ 7 running shoe will help to minimize injury. The molded AHAR® rubber then brings a tough quality to the shoe, protecting the outsole's heavy contact areas to reduce excessive wear. GEL® technology strategically placed to the forefoot and rear specialize in your comfort, providing high-density shock absorption and a comfortable fit. GUIDANCE LINE™ technology also enhances gait efficiency for an overall better performance. Whether you're a seasoned runner or taking it up as a new hobby, the GT-2000™ 7 running shoe will help you streamline your performance.

54252-217MarkhamMens 8 Wide - 2E010110080
54252-217NewmarketMens 8 Wide - 2E000310080
54252-217OrangevilleMens 8 Wide - 2E010610080
54252-217Webstore VirtualMens 8 Wide - 2E00110080
54252-222MarkhamMens 8.5 Wide - 2E010110085
54252-222NewmarketMens 8.5 Wide - 2E000310085
54252-222OrangevilleMens 8.5 Wide - 2E010610085
54252-222Webstore VirtualMens 8.5 Wide - 2E00110085
54252-227MarkhamMens 9 Wide - 2E010110090
54252-227NewmarketMens 9 Wide - 2E000310090
54252-227OrangevilleMens 9 Wide - 2E010610090
54252-227Webstore VirtualMens 9 Wide - 2E00110090
54252-232MarkhamMens 9.5 Wide - 2E010110095
54252-232NewmarketMens 9.5 Wide - 2E000310095
54252-232OrangevilleMens 9.5 Wide - 2E010610095
54252-232Webstore VirtualMens 9.5 Wide - 2E00110095
54252-138MarkhamMens 10 Wide - 2E010110100
54252-138NewmarketMens 10 Wide - 2E000310100
54252-138OrangevilleMens 10 Wide - 2E010610100
54252-138Webstore VirtualMens 10 Wide - 2E00110100
54252-143MarkhamMens 10.5 Wide - 2E010110105
54252-143NewmarketMens 10.5 Wide - 2E000310105
54252-143OrangevilleMens 10.5 Wide - 2E010610105
54252-143Webstore VirtualMens 10.5 Wide - 2E00110105
54252-148MarkhamMens 11 Wide - 2E010110110
54252-148NewmarketMens 11 Wide - 2E000310110
54252-148OrangevilleMens 11 Wide - 2E010610110
54252-148Webstore VirtualMens 11 Wide - 2E00110110
54252-153MarkhamMens 11.5 Wide - 2E010110115
54252-153NewmarketMens 11.5 Wide - 2E000310115
54252-153OrangevilleMens 11.5 Wide - 2E010610115
54252-153Webstore VirtualMens 11.5 Wide - 2E00110115
54252-158MarkhamMens 12 Wide - 2E010110120
54252-158NewmarketMens 12 Wide - 2E000310120
54252-158OrangevilleMens 12 Wide - 2E010610120
54252-158Webstore VirtualMens 12 Wide - 2E00110120
54252-163MarkhamMens 12.5 Wide - 2E010110125
54252-163NewmarketMens 12.5 Wide - 2E000310125
54252-163OrangevilleMens 12.5 Wide - 2E010610125
54252-163Webstore VirtualMens 12.5 Wide - 2E00110125
54252-168MarkhamMens 13 Wide - 2E010110130
54252-168NewmarketMens 13 Wide - 2E000310130
54252-168OrangevilleMens 13 Wide - 2E010610130
54252-168Webstore VirtualMens 13 Wide - 2E00110130

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