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Birkenstock Arizona

ID | 161073
Women's Black
Style: 051791 S19
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
051791 S19
Extra Wide

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Shoes - Sandals


The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona is a genuine classic that has been delighting both men and women for decades. This simple sandal with two straps stands for timeless design and has long held cult status thanks to its comfort factor. The upper is made from the skin-friendly, hard-wearing synthetic material Birko-Flor®.
Anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed
Upper: Birko-Flor®
Footbed lining: suede
Sole: EVA
Details: two straps, each with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle
Made in Germany

50357-1058MarkhamSize 36 Narrow01019999
50357-1058BarrieSize 36 Narrow00029999
50357-1058NewmarketSize 36 Narrow00039999
50357-1058OrangevilleSize 36 Narrow01069999
50357-1058Webstore VirtualSize 36 Narrow0019999
50357-1059MarkhamSize 36 Regular11019999
50357-1059BarrieSize 36 Regular00029999
50357-1059NewmarketSize 36 Regular00039999
50357-1059OrangevilleSize 36 Regular01069999
50357-1059Webstore VirtualSize 36 Regular1019999
50357-1060MarkhamSize 37 Narrow01019999
50357-1060BarrieSize 37 Narrow00029999
50357-1060NewmarketSize 37 Narrow00039999
50357-1060OrangevilleSize 37 Narrow01069999
50357-1060Webstore VirtualSize 37 Narrow0019999
50357-1061MarkhamSize 37 Regular11019999
50357-1061BarrieSize 37 Regular00029999
50357-1061NewmarketSize 37 Regular00039999
50357-1061OrangevilleSize 37 Regular01069999
50357-1061Webstore VirtualSize 37 Regular1019999
50357-1062MarkhamSize 38 Narrow01019999
50357-1062BarrieSize 38 Narrow00029999
50357-1062NewmarketSize 38 Narrow00039999
50357-1062OrangevilleSize 38 Narrow01069999
50357-1062Webstore VirtualSize 38 Narrow0019999
50357-1063MarkhamSize 38 Regular31019999
50357-1063BarrieSize 38 Regular00029999
50357-1063NewmarketSize 38 Regular00039999
50357-1063OrangevilleSize 38 Regular01069999
50357-1063Webstore VirtualSize 38 Regular3019999
50357-1064MarkhamSize 39 Narrow01019999
50357-1064BarrieSize 39 Narrow00029999
50357-1064NewmarketSize 39 Narrow00039999
50357-1064OrangevilleSize 39 Narrow01069999
50357-1064Webstore VirtualSize 39 Narrow0019999
50357-1065MarkhamSize 39 Regular51019999
50357-1065BarrieSize 39 Regular00029999
50357-1065NewmarketSize 39 Regular00039999
50357-1065OrangevilleSize 39 Regular01069999
50357-1065Webstore VirtualSize 39 Regular5019999
50357-1066MarkhamSize 40 Narrow01019999
50357-1066BarrieSize 40 Narrow00029999
50357-1066NewmarketSize 40 Narrow00039999
50357-1066OrangevilleSize 40 Narrow01069999
50357-1066Webstore VirtualSize 40 Narrow0019999
50357-997MarkhamSize 40 Regular61019999
50357-997BarrieSize 40 Regular00029999
50357-997NewmarketSize 40 Regular00039999
50357-997OrangevilleSize 40 Regular01069999
50357-997Webstore VirtualSize 40 Regular6019999
50357-1067MarkhamSize 41 Narrow01019999
50357-1067BarrieSize 41 Narrow00029999
50357-1067NewmarketSize 41 Narrow00039999
50357-1067OrangevilleSize 41 Narrow01069999
50357-1067Webstore VirtualSize 41 Narrow0019999
50357-998MarkhamSize 41 Regular01019999
50357-998BarrieSize 41 Regular00029999
50357-998NewmarketSize 41 Regular00039999
50357-998OrangevilleSize 41 Regular01069999
50357-998Webstore VirtualSize 41 Regular0019999
50357-1068MarkhamSize 42 Narrow01019999
50357-1068BarrieSize 42 Narrow00029999
50357-1068NewmarketSize 42 Narrow00039999
50357-1068OrangevilleSize 42 Narrow01069999
50357-1068Webstore VirtualSize 42 Narrow0019999
50357-999MarkhamSize 42 Regular31019999
50357-999BarrieSize 42 Regular00029999
50357-999NewmarketSize 42 Regular00039999
50357-999OrangevilleSize 42 Regular01069999
50357-999Webstore VirtualSize 42 Regular3019999
50357-1128MarkhamSize 43 Narrow01019999
50357-1128NewmarketSize 43 Narrow00039999
50357-1128OrangevilleSize 43 Narrow01069999
50357-1128Webstore VirtualSize 43 Narrow0019999
50357-1000MarkhamSize 43 Regular21019999
50357-1000NewmarketSize 43 Regular00039999
50357-1000OrangevilleSize 43 Regular01069999
50357-1000Webstore VirtualSize 43 Regular2019999

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