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Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly

ID | 171850
Women's Grey
Style: S02Y3.05X S19
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
S02Y3.05X S19
Extra Wide

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Clothing - Bras - High Impact


Laser cut 3D spacer dissociates and absorbers internal and external breast movements
Three layers of fabric are bonded together and then moulded to the breasts anatomical shape
Non slip adjustable straps
Brushed elastic to reduce friction
Double back adjustment for ultimate support
Moisture wicking, breathable high performance fabric

52057-12Markham32 C11019999
52057-12Newmarket32 C01039999
52057-12Orangeville32 C01069999
52057-12Webstore Virtual32 C1019999
52057-13Markham32 D01019999
52057-13Newmarket32 D01039999
52057-13Orangeville32 D11069999
52057-13Webstore Virtual32 D1019999
52057-14Markham32 DD01019999
52057-14Newmarket32 DD01039999
52057-14Orangeville32 DD11069999
52057-14Webstore Virtual32 DD1019999
52057-854Markham32 E01019999
52057-854Newmarket32 E01039999
52057-854Orangeville32 E01069999
52057-854Webstore Virtual32 E0019999
52057-17Markham34 C01019999
52057-17Newmarket34 C01039999
52057-17Orangeville34 C11069999
52057-17Webstore Virtual34 C1019999
52057-18Markham34 D01019999
52057-18Newmarket34 D01039999
52057-18Orangeville34 D11069999
52057-18Webstore Virtual34 D1019999
52057-19Markham34 DD01019999
52057-19Newmarket34 DD01039999
52057-19Orangeville34 DD11069999
52057-19Webstore Virtual34 DD1019999
52057-856Markham34 E11019999
52057-856Newmarket34 E01039999
52057-856Orangeville34 E01069999
52057-856Webstore Virtual34 E1019999
52057-25Markham36 C11019999
52057-25Newmarket36 C01039999
52057-25Orangeville36 C11069999
52057-25Webstore Virtual36 C2019999
52057-26Markham36 D01019999
52057-26Newmarket36 D01039999
52057-26Orangeville36 D11069999
52057-26Webstore Virtual36 D1019999
52057-27Markham36 DD11019999
52057-27Newmarket36 DD01039999
52057-27Orangeville36 DD11069999
52057-27Webstore Virtual36 DD2019999
52057-858Markham36 E11019999
52057-858Newmarket36 E01039999
52057-858Orangeville36 E01069999
52057-858Webstore Virtual36 E1019999
52057-35Markham38 C11019999
52057-35Newmarket38 C01039999
52057-35Orangeville38 C11069999
52057-35Webstore Virtual38 C2019999
52057-36Markham38 D01019999
52057-36Newmarket38 D01039999
52057-36Orangeville38 D11069999
52057-36Webstore Virtual38 D1019999
52057-37Markham38 DD01019999
52057-37Newmarket38 DD01039999
52057-37Orangeville38 DD11069999
52057-37Webstore Virtual38 DD1019999
52057-860Markham38 E11019999
52057-860Newmarket38 E01039999
52057-860Orangeville38 E01069999
52057-860Webstore Virtual38 E1019999

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