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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run

ID | 180972
Women's Padded/Cranberry
Style: S06S7.OB1 F19
|Weight: N/A | Heel-Toe Drop: N/A
S06S7.OB1 F19
Extra Wide

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Clothing - Bras - High Impact


A sports bra engineered specifically for runners, high impact training and sports. The padded cups provide extra coverage and complete support with class leading breathability and friction free comfort.

Breathable and thin padded cups feature micro perforations for enhanced breathability
Fully back opening for ease of wearing with double back clasps
Internal seams for comfort
Wide cushioned shoulder straps
X-temp fabric technology keeps you dry and comfortable

53950-13Markham32 D11019999
53950-13Newmarket32 D01039999
53950-13Orangeville32 D11069999
53950-13Webstore Virtual32 D2019999
53950-17Markham34 C11019999
53950-17Newmarket34 C01039999
53950-17Orangeville34 C11069999
53950-17Webstore Virtual34 C2019999
53950-18Markham34 D21019999
53950-18Newmarket34 D01039999
53950-18Orangeville34 D11069999
53950-18Webstore Virtual34 D3019999
53950-856Markham34 E21019999
53950-856Newmarket34 E01039999
53950-856Orangeville34 E11069999
53950-856Webstore Virtual34 E3019999
53950-857Markham34 F11019999
53950-857Newmarket34 F01039999
53950-857Orangeville34 F11069999
53950-857Webstore Virtual34 F2019999
53950-25Markham36 C11019999
53950-25Newmarket36 C01039999
53950-25Orangeville36 C11069999
53950-25Webstore Virtual36 C2019999
53950-26Markham36 D21019999
53950-26Newmarket36 D01039999
53950-26Orangeville36 D11069999
53950-26Webstore Virtual36 D3019999
53950-858Markham36 E21019999
53950-858Newmarket36 E01039999
53950-858Orangeville36 E11069999
53950-858Webstore Virtual36 E3019999
53950-859Markham36 F11019999
53950-859Newmarket36 F01039999
53950-859Orangeville36 F11069999
53950-859Webstore Virtual36 F2019999
53950-35Markham38 C11019999
53950-35Newmarket38 C01039999
53950-35Orangeville38 C11069999
53950-35Webstore Virtual38 C2019999
53950-36Markham38 D21019999
53950-36Newmarket38 D01039999
53950-36Orangeville38 D11069999
53950-36Webstore Virtual38 D3019999
53950-860Markham38 E21019999
53950-860Newmarket38 E01039999
53950-860Orangeville38 E11069999
53950-860Webstore Virtual38 E3019999
53950-861Markham38 F11019999
53950-861Newmarket38 F01039999
53950-861Orangeville38 F11069999
53950-861Webstore Virtual38 F2019999

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